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New Mom Community

We are a peer-lead apostolate offering support and education to new and expectant mothers. 

New Mom Community Nights is an apostolate that seeks to provide support and education to new and expectant mothers through community and peer support.

Every week NMCN comes together to share the roses and thorns of our week, participate in a presentation or discussion on a pertinent topic, and learn the art of motherhood with and from one another.

NMCN offers childcare and dinner, free of charge, so our moms can take a break for an evening to reflect and learn.

You can support this apostolate by volunteering to assist with childcare or by providing a meal for the group.


Thursday, 5:30-7:30PM

IOP Outreach Resource Center

327 Mildred Ave,

Jacksonville, NC

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To learn more and to get involved, please contact

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