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Natural Family Planning

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Hello! My name is Kerry Auld and I am the new Natural Family  Planning Instructor for IOP. My husband, Kyle, and I have lived here for about 4 years and we have really loved our time here in North Carolina and as parishioners at IOP!


Natural Family Planning (NFP) is the Catholic Church's only sanctioned family planning method. It is a beautiful way for couples to grow together through physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. Through NFP, you will learn how to track a woman's natural signs of fertility. This knowledge can be used not only to plan a family, but is also an excellent way to track a woman's reproductive health from pre-puberty through menopause. NFP is founded in peer-reviewed science (up to 99% effective!) and there are many methods to choose from depending on your needs/lifestyle. I am a certified instructor for the "Fertility Education and Medical Management" (FEMM) method of Natural Family Planning. I teach single women, couples, and teen girls as well! I look forward to meeting all of you and having some great discussions about the wonder of God's design!


You can reach Kerry Auld at:



You can also find her on social media:


Facebook: Auld Fertility Care & Wellness

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