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Fr. Vic Gournas

August 8, 2022

1st Saturday / Transfiguration

First Saturday Mass “Homily” for Mary and Fatima

This Saturday is the Feast for The Transfiguration.



Daniel 7:9-10, 1314

2 Peter 1:16-19

Luke 9:28-36


Mary allows her day to point to her Son / To Jesus.

-Mary proclaimed about her Son: “Listen to Him.” (At the 1st Miracle at the Wedding in Cana) / From the beginning She always points us to Jesus.


-Reminds me of Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.

-The shrine is dedicated to Mary: But she continually points the visitor to her Son.

-And behind the main chapel: The Jesus mosaic dominates her space.


-In our first reading Daniel points to the majesty of the one who will come.

“As the visions during the night continued, I saw: One like a Son of man coming,/ on the clouds of heaven;/ When he reached the Ancient One/ and was presented before him,/ The one like a Son of man received dominion, glory, and kingship;/ all peoples, ­nations, and languages serve him./ His dominion is an everlasting dominion/ that shall not be taken away,/ his kingship shall not be destroyed.”


Eyewitnesses to the Son of Man:

-Peter (2nd Reading) speaks of witnessing His majesty / Receiving Glory and Honor / And of the eyewitness who saw Jesus in His Glory & Power on the mountain / And, not to mention, how about all of the eyewitnesses to Jesus’ bodily Resurrection found throughout the New Testament (particularly in the Gospels and Acts).


-The Incarnation allows you and me to be taken up into His Divinity.

-Through the Virgin Birth Jesus will raise up our fallen humanity in His Divine Nature so: We can share in His Honor and Glory (I mentioned a favorite ICON I have of Jesus, after the crucifixion, standing on the gates of the netherworld (creed uses the term hell) raising Adam and Eve from their coffins / Redeeming the saints awaiting this miracle of the Resurrection from the dead / The Old and New Testament saints awaiting this gift of life “giving to Mary” / And Jesus showing His true nature in the Transfiguration. His Divine Light / That we share.

-In the East we use the word: theosis / Divine Light!


If you need an explanation of the distinction of the term hell used in the Apostles Creed / It isn’t referring to “ The place of the damned” but to the Netherworld,” the place of the dead awaiting redemption from the dead found in the Risen Glorified Jesus Christ, Son of Mary.




-We share in this Divine Light (Imago Dei / Dimmed by our sin) Restored by Jesus.

-We share in His Transfiguration (beginning with our Baptism, and continued with our receiving of the Eucharist / Confession).


Beginning with Baptism: We share in His Kingdom

-His Everlasting Kingdom…This is my Son in whom I am well pleased.

-Sonship: Baptism & His Transfiguration…At our Baptisms

-The Transfiguration reveals in what manner Christ shall again appear while the Resurrection reveals the way in which the saints will be transformed.


Thank you Mary! (This month is dedicated to her: Immaculate Heart).

Consecrate yourselves and our Nation to Her Immaculate Heart / I have the prayer  on the table in my Confessional.


As for the Fatima message: Pray the Rosary for the renewal of Traditional Marriage & Family / To Bring back clarity to how we treat our children / Our bodies are temples (because of Imago Dei) / Thus, our children are not defined by their sexuality but by Imago Dei / Our bodies are a gift from God / They are a Holy Temple / That is our center / Not sexuality / They (we) are loved by God / He has given our children value, purpose and dignity.


Jesus shows His Divine Nature in the Transfiguration, which should give us pause as to: “Who and What” was given to Mary to carry for 9 months / And then, as Daniel proclaimed, is given to the world.


In the “4th Century at the:

Council of Ephesus” Saint Cyril of Alexandria, bishop) preached:

“Mary, Mother of God, we salute you. Precious vessel, worthy of the whole world’s reverence, you are an ever-shining light, the crown of virginity, the symbol of orthodoxy, an indestructible temple, the place that held him whom [no] place can contain, mother and virgin. Because of you the holy gospels could say: Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

We salute you, for in your holy womb he, who is beyond all limitation, was confined. Because of you the holy Trinity is glorified and adored…”

And we are transformed by our encounter with the Divine through Mary.

-Please seek Confession and go to Mass to receive and participate in this wonderful Divine Light of Jesus Christ.