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Fr. Vic Gournas

October 18, 2020

Homily notes for the 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time taken from Matthew’s Gospel 22:15-21


This election really does need a true Catholic voice in which we look at the candidates and ask: “which candidate aligns more closely to the 3 considerations discussed below. How we vote really will determine the course of our country over the next few years. 

Blessings - Father Vic Gournas


Homily Notes:

-The question in today's Gospel was an attempt to trap Jesus. If Jesus had said Caesar’s tax was unlawful—that is, opposed to the Torah and Jewish beliefs—he would have been immediately charged with political insurrection against Roman rule. If he said the tax was lawful, he would have alienated and angered many of his followers and effectively destroyed his growing influence.


-Jesus’ answer to the trick question could itself be rendered as a question, but without any trickery involved: “Who made us and what are we made for?” Made in the image of God, man is meant for eternal communion with God. Our faith in him must guide us in every area of our earthly lives, including the realm of politics and temporal power. (Thank you Carl E. Olson).


When our country split on Judeo-Christian Moral Standards...A result is the wounds and division we see today...What do we owe Caesar? Taxes & The Wisdom of the Church.

Our faith tells us...In the beginning God created the Life.

-Creation...We are given Authority...Yet we don’t own...We are Stewards...Think Vineyard.

-And we are called to take care of creation & our bodies...But we don’t own them.


-Catholics should be for protecting the environment, economy, serving the poor, defending the traditional family, battling social injustice, slavery & bigatry, as well as, advocating for religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Many of these can be negotiated and can offer a difference of opinion on how to solve...But Social Justice isn’t a seamless garment...there is a priority involved. There are moral issues that are not negotiable...Thus:

To simplify...3 simple things to consider.        (Thank you Fr. Ed Meeks)

-Pope Benedict XVI: Apostolic letter prompted USCCB in (2013)...To add these three things to the Prayer of be used by individual parishes in the USA.

-1.Sanctity of Life; 2. Sanctity of Marriage; 3. Religious Liberty & Freedom.


These are not political issues, but moral issues by which our society will either flourish or be under assault...They are always good and there is no negotiating...When we get these right...We & society are healthy...If they are under assault...We shall be under assault.


-We care for all the above but our Bishops have said that the Pre-Eminent moral issue is the Sanctity of Life...Why? Because Abortion Directly attacks Life & thus, Directly Harms the Family.

-Should be the lens for all other moral issues...If we become callous to life... it erodes our soul.

-The soul of our nation starts at the beginning of life at Conception.

Marriage & Family...Genesis: In the beginning He created them...Male & Female...And they should come together and become one...Man and Woman are not in competition, but Complimentary, each giving their children what each sex brings properly to the table...We need fathers and mothers...Our children need loving parents who teach them how to be virtuous Citizens for the Common Good.

-Long ago Christian & Non-Christian societies co-opted this vehicle for stable societies.


-Religious Freedom/Liberty

-School Choice...Catholic Hospitals...Catholic Charities...Little Sisters...Your Business.

-Private Property...Religious Freedom/Conscience

-Which candidate and platform is more friendly to our Christian Faith?

-Which platform and party actually includes God in their vocabulary?


-Socialism/Marxism: 11 consecutive Popes. From Pious IX, (Pope Leo XIII -1891 Encyclical on labor: Rerum Novarum): to JPII & Benedict XVI have all spoken against the dangers of socialism.

-Simply put, the State replaces God.

-Restricts creativity and freedom...With a false promise of equality.

-Your Catholic faith has no place in a socialist state.

-Which platform is moving towards this model? You choose.

Vatican II: Guadium et Spes (Church in the Modern World) quote...”At all times & in all places the church must have the true freedom to teach the faith. To proclaim its teaching about society. To carry out its tasks among men without hindrance. To pass moral judgements even in matters relating to politics. Whenever the fundamental right of man... for the salvation of souls requires it.” (Thank you again - Fr. Ed Meeks).


-Politics is not in a realm separate from the religious; rather, its deepest ground is spiritual. 

-All things ultimately, belong to God—including Caesar! (Thank you Bishop Barron).


-Yeast/Leaven/Salt...We are called to inform the world of the truth & beauty of Christ.

Not the other way around.


-Your vote is to share God’s Word...To protect Life, Marriage and Family, & To be free to live out your Catholic faith and principles.

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