Pastor's Page


Fr. Vic Gournas

July 18, 2021

Shepherds to Guide Us

1st Reading - Jeremiah:

-St. Augustine speaks about the lazy shepherds concerned with self/interest.

-Unlike the lazy shepherds spoken of in the Bible, I want to teach & instruct you / not what I want, or what I think you want to hear, but what the church teaches, so we can reach our goal-Heaven.


-Shepherds need to not only teach you, but to BE PRESENT to you.

-We also read about the shoot of David. Who is this shoot of David? (Jesus)! Jesus comes from the line of David. Jesus founded His Church as His instrument of Salvation to get us Home/Heaven. And Jesus from the Cross poured forth from His side His Precious Blood and water (representing the Sacraments). He loves you and me that much.


2nd Reading - Ephesians:

-In July the Church proclaims & celebrates the (Precious Blood of Jesus).

-By His Blood we are washed clean of our sins, saved, healed, forgiven: Jesus DEFEATS DEATH!


-In this cleansing Jesus desires to reconcile our body with the soul.

-Thus making us one (Bringing reconciliation & peace).

-We don’t have to be slaves to our passions. Through receiving “rightly/in Grace” the Precious Blood/Eucharist & repetitive Confession our Soul (intellect &will) can begin via Grace to regulate & order our passions. Thus: we find harmony between Soul & body.

-Please go on-line and find: “The Litany of the Precious Blood.”

(Powerful Devotion).


In the Gospel of Mark: We read:

“His heart was moved with pity for them.” “For they were a people without a shepherd.”


-Jesus will always give us shepherds.

-Jesus will not abandon His church.

-There are good Bishops out there teaching.

-If you have questions: ask me, I’m your shepherd.

-My job is to give you the tools to get to heaven.


-Be careful of extremes

-I am saddened by in-fighting on internet.

-We’re all on the same team.


-A few Catholics believe the Church was corrupted (during & after The 2nd Vatican Council) to the point that the only valid Mass is the Latin Mass from the council of Trent (Extraordinary Form). Thus the Ordinary Form (Mass in common language that we celebrate) is corrupt and not valid. Some who hold this position are still in union with Rome and the Seat of Peter. Another small group (Society of St. Pius X: SSPX) follow this belief but are no longer in union with Rome. Many of them follow: “Sedevacantism” (The Seat of St. Peter is empty): They believe the above, but go even farther proclaiming that the Latin Church currently does not have a valid Pope. NO!


Jesus said He would be with us (Catholic Church) until the end of the age.

The seat of Peter shall NEVER BE EMPTY. This same Peter (Who received, From Jesus, the Keys and authority to teach and govern). This promise is given also to his successors (Our Popes).




When the Latin Mass was made universal, the common language of the people was Latin. In a similar fashion the current Ordinary Form allows the Mass to be said in the common language of the people.


-The Latin Mass (Extraordinary Form devotees) - who love the Latin Mass but occasionally attend the Ordinary Form also love the Church & their priests! Many Latin Mass devotees also attend this parish, and WE ALL love the Church and OUR priests. We’re on the same team.


And Remember:

-Both forms are just as efficacious…Jesus is present.

-Again if you have any questions: please ask me.


In Conclusion:

We will not always have the shepherds we want, but the Seat of Peter shall never stand empty…& sometimes we may not like a Papal Decree…But we don’t abandon ship. For as Peter said: “You are the Christ, where else would we go?” If we leave the Church of Jesus and Peter now, because we don’t like certain decisions, are we not following the same path as the reformers?




-As for your shepherds: I believe our example & piety has a direct correlation to your spirituality. Your shepherds need to be practicing what we preach and actually believe, what the Church teaches, and what we teach.


-For you fathers & mothers / I can’t let you off the hook so easily / Your children are watching you to see what priority you give to living & practicing your faith. “Your and my example” in living the faith are important for our personal witness and planting seeds. We don’t have to be perfect, just authentic and true to our word. Don’t worry about the past, start now, and live the faith as an example to your families.


We’re all in this together…Let us stand together TRIUMPHANT until the end of the age!