Pastor's Page


Fr. Vic Gournas

November 29, 2022


Infant of Prague Advent Penance Service: 

Wednesday Night, November 30, at 6:30pm


When we unite with Jesus; only then may we begin the path to fulfillment and interior peace as children of the Day and of the Light / Welcome to Advent.


-Isaiah: The Apostolic Church is where all will stream to find Truth and the Light.

-There we find the tools to be awake and see our spiritual lives with clarity / Truly seeing right from wrong and day from night / Seeking the infant Jesus we are Baptized into the Day, and become children of the Light. 


-Romans: The Day (Represents the time of light) found in the Incarnation / The Night (The time of Ignorance) as the evil one wants to confuse the world as to what is true, good, and beautiful.


-Romans and Matthew: Let us prepare for the 2 comings of the Lord.

-Advent is a time to make ready and prepare for the Day of the Lord / TO BECOME CHILDREN OF THE DAY AND IN THE LIGHT. 


-Jesus never reveals the exact time of His 2nd Coming so we will be vigilant and prepared by staying awake every day / MAY WE REMAIN WATCHFUL DAILY.


-An Essential Element to Christian Watchfulness is: 

-An Examination of Conscience: The first way to do this: daily look at how we are handling the  (***7 deadly sins) / Way number 2: is to go through the 10 Commandments / Way number 3: is to look at where God was absent or present during our daily conversations, activities etc. 


-Being Watchful by including a “daily examination of conscience” allows us to be spiritually aware and healthy / Leading us to Confession and being in “The State of Grace / Confession / Leads to strength and confidence / (Light and knowledge).

-This is a great weapon against the evil one.


***The way to remember the 7 Deadly sins is by “PALE GAS” And each vice has an opposite Virtue to combat it and overcome its negative influences in our lives.  


7 Deadly Sins              Virtues                   

Pride                             Humility                                    P

Anger: Wrath            Meekness                                  A

Lust                               Chastity                                     L

Envy                              Charity, Kindness                 E


Gluttony                       Abstinence, Temperance   G

Avarice: Greed          Generosity                               A

Sloth                              Diligence                                  S

-As we are Open to Grace, may we be ready and confident each day / And Ready for the Coming of the Lord


By making a daily examination of conscience:

-We begin Noticing how to really have the freedom of our time / healing the vices.

-Not allowing pleasure to be the center.

-Thanking God for helping us to be free (Thanksgiving).


-Before the Day of Justice I am sending the Day of Mercy (Diary, 1588)