Repairing God's House

From your Business Manager:

Parishioners, in the upcoming weeks our church will once again be undergoing repairs. This time we will have to sand, repair and re-stain the central portion of the church (above the altar). These restorations are due to the damage that we sustained during Hurricane Florence (water protrusion from the steeple area.) It has taken us almost three years to find a contractor willing and able to do these renovations. Unfortunately because of the large area that needs to be repaired, we will once again have scaffolding and tarps in the church.


With that being said, we are not able to open the church for daily or weekend mass. Starting on June 21st all masses will be held in the Parish Hall. We know that this might be considered an inconvenience for some, but we are obligated to make these repairs and ensure that our church never falls into a degrading state as in previous years. These repairs should take no longer than 4 weeks.

We will send out another message with the mass protocols during this period.

Along with the ceiling rebuilding, we are also going to take this opportunity to replace the tile in all the entrances and the cry rooms. This project will be funded through the RGH funds which were allocated for these types of repairs.

In late June or early July we will have all parking lots repaired, repaved and re stripped.

You may have already noticed that we have two Stations of the Cross which are missing. They have been shipped to Canada, to the company who created them over 50 years ago. We will send two stations at a time to be refurbished. We hope to have this project completed sometime before November 2021.

We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout last year. I hope that you will once again be patient with us during our upcoming reconstruction. We anticipate more repairs in the upcoming months; we will keep you posted as those dates come closer.

Thank you and God Bless.