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Can you believe that we are 32 months into our Repairing God’s House (RGH) journey? Thirty-two months of prayer and treasure sacrifices. Your RGH team has been overwhelmed by the parish’s generosity and involvement. We believed that the church’s well being was important to you and you showed it. With our weekly prayers, God opened our hearts to ensure success.

Our next task - install outside protection to our Large Stain-glass windows located at each wing of the church (4 total). We are also inspecting the conditions of those windows that are at floor level and will make repairs as required. For those that have been keeping score to date:

  1. Repaired/rebuilt four major outside support beams

  2. Repaired all interior/exterior minor support beams

  3. Removed/repaired/replaced/cleaned/reframed with a new aluminum framing system 100 of our beautiful smaller stair glass windows

  4. Removed/replaced main roof structures as required to secure our stain glass window system to the roof structure

  5. Repaired/replaced entrance door flat roofs

  6. Replaced all soffits and gutters

  7. Replaced all five (5) HVAC systems

  8. Replaced the sound system (Yea!)

  9. Repaired / recovered the pew kneelers

Now what are our remaining challenges you ask? Simply stated, to see that all pledges are collected. Our budget and planning have always been framed by the pledges and cash donations. We are doing very well and would like to see us complete the task. We are almost there! Never cease praying. Soon you will be able to proclaim – WE DID IT!

Did you know that your Repairing God’s House Team has invested in /established an electronic tool that would make it more convenient for some to donate / pledge towards Repairing God’s House journey. That tool is called Mobile Cause. There are two methods of making that donation or pledge electronically.

Via Webpage: Click the Contributions to RGH button to open the donation page. Fill in the appropriate boxes, review and then press “Submit”. You will receive a text message acknowledging your gift if you  provide your cell phone #

Via Cellphone: You can bring up your text app as you would to text a friend. Create a message, in the To: box type in 414-44 and then type RGH in text box and press send. Within 15 seconds you will receive a text message with a link. Press the link and you will now be on the giving page. Fill in the appropriate boxes and submit. You will receive a text message acknowledging your gift.

Feel free in any case to hit that button as many times as your heart desires.

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Last Updated  07/07/20