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Congratulations to those who have participated in the Repairing God’s House (RGH) journey. With prayers before each mass and sacrifices of treasure made, your RGH team anticipates completing all the tasks outlined in our original RGH brochure and pledge cards.

We are officially 6 months from completing the RGH three (3) year period. It’s been a very long trip but one worth taking. We are so very proud of all that YOU accomplished. From prayers to treasure your team has been able to stay out of debt and accomplish all that we intended. Here is a list of things we said had to be done to enable our house to remain safe for worship:

  • Replaced and repaired the major exterior support beams

  • Removed, replaced, installed aluminum frame system for stain glass windows

  • Repaired areas of roof frame

  • Replaced all kneeler pads

  • Replaced the church sound system

  • Repaired or replaced the minor interior support beams

  • Repaired all flat roofs over the entries to the church

  • Repainted all trim and eve areas

  • Replaced all HVAC and air handler units (5 ea)

We have been approached by the church administration and asked if RGH would consider using anticipated excess funds to help pay for repaving the Church parking lot? RGH’s response was that we would need to speak to our parishioners and seek approval. Here’s what your team’s thoughts are on this matter. There are still many donations still outstanding. But anticipating that all commitments will be made we would like to do put forth two additional tasks;

  1. Create a restricted fund in reserve to help pay for any CHURCH emergencies and,

  2. Approve the use of the remaining money to help pay for parking lot repairs / resurfacing.

Here’s what we need from you. If you disagree with the team’s approach please

contact me by email at or drop me a note at

Bob Wilman
205 Chaney Ave

Jacksonville, NC 28546


RGH Team

Did you know that your Repairing God’s House Team has invested in /established an electronic tool that would make it more convenient for some to donate / pledge towards Repairing God’s House journey. That tool is called Mobile Cause. There are two methods of making that donation or pledge electronically.

Via Webpage: Click the Contributions to RGH button to open the donation page. Fill in the appropriate boxes, review and then press “Submit”. You will receive a text message acknowledging your gift if you  provide your cell phone #

Via Cellphone: You can bring up your text app as you would to text a friend. Create a message, in the To: box type in 414-44 and then type RGH in text box and press send. Within 15 seconds you will receive a text message with a link. Press the link and you will now be on the giving page. Fill in the appropriate boxes and submit. You will receive a text message acknowledging your gift.

Feel free in any case to hit that button as many times as your heart desires.

Infant of Prague Catholic Church

214 Marine Blvd.

Jacksonville, NC 28540


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Last Updated  01/20/20