Repairing God's House


Three years ago, on May 13,2017 we launched on what many said was an impossible journey. “You want to raise how much?” – “It will never happen” were just some of the comments heard at that time. We asked fellow Parishioners to consider doing the impossible and pray each weekend for the success of our campaign journey.

Needless-to-say, we continued praying and hearts were moved. Do you realize what we have accomplished? Our goal was to raise $1.3 million and we surpassed that - $1.4 million. Over the following three plus years we have tried communicating what your treasures were used for. Here is the final list of accomplishments and a couple still in work.

  • All major exterior wood support beams were removed and replaced with concrete beams (biggest safety/monetary challenge).

  • All associated roof repairs made.

  • All exterior/interior minor beams were repaired/replaced.

  • All small stain glass windows (100) were removed, cleaned, re-set in new aluminum framing system,

  • reinstalled and covered by glass shields. Reinstallation was complete a week before hurricane hit.

  • All entrance way door roofs repaired.

  • All church soffits repaired.

  • Pew kneelers repaired and recovered

  • New sound and camera systems installed


Areas not completed as of this writing (but paid for):

  • Refurbishing the Stations of the Cross

  • Repairs to the floors immediately outside of bathrooms

  • Clean / repairs to ground level side windows

Praise God for all that you sacrificed to make the above happen!

I would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the major contribution of Mr. Jose Cabrera, our Business Manager. He singly was responsible for overseeing all contracted work and the quality of that work performed.

We could not have done it without you Jose!

To the unsung heroes – thank you for coming out and supporting all our featured events. Putting up with us hawking tickets for this and that was saintly. Thank so you! Thank you also to the many generous visitors that joined us for Mass – your contributions were God sent.

Your RGH team thanks you for supporting us and renewing our belief in God’s ways.

Bobby the Builder