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Volunteer to Live-Stream the Liturgy

to Reach the Sick and Homebound

Why we live-stream the Mass

At Infant of Prague, we began live-streaming the liturgy during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a sense of connectedness with the parish when the congregation was unable to be present, to share the Word of God and the words of our pastor with his absent flock, and to inspire and invite viewers to expressions of praise and thanksgiving.

But why do we continue to live-stream the liturgy today? For much the same reason that we began.

The USCCB writes that, "being a part of the Sunday worshiping assembly is not always possible for all members of the community. Some people have been hospitalized, home-bound, or imprisoned and do not have the opportunity to be physically present with a regular worshiping community. For this reason, many dioceses telecast the Mass and other liturgies as a way of reaching out to those who cannot be physically present for the community's celebration of the Eucharist. The televised Mass is never a substitute for the Church's pastoral care for the sick in the form of visits by parish ministers who share the Scriptures and bring Communion, nor is it ever a substitute for the Sunday Mass celebrated within a parish faith community each week. However, televising the Mass is a ministry by which the Church uses modern technology to bring the Lord's healing and comfort to those who cannot physically participate in the liturgical life of the local Church and who often experience a sense of isolation from the parish and its regular forms of prayer and worship. In addition, many regard televised liturgies as a means of evangelization, of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and promoting the Church's worship via modern means of communication (cf. Inter Mirifica, #14)."

Please consider joining this ministry team that reaches out to those who cannot be present at the liturgy. Training is available upon request. We regularly stream the 10:30am and 12:30pm Sunday Masses.


Marie Tinsley

Do you wish to volunteer to live-stream the liturgy? Contact Marie for information on training and scheduling.

Click here to read the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' Guidelines for Televising the Liturgy

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