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Infant of Prague Catholic Church

Notes from Fr. Vic

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"My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me."

John 10:27

June 18, 2024

11Sunday Ordinary Time parable homily notes (Mark 4: 26-34)

-A Mustard Seed (Starts off extremely small / Becomes a very large plant with many branches (that gives protection and shade).


-When I was newly ordained I was part of a Pilgrimage to visit the Great Cathedrals and Shrines of Italy / Beginning in Rome and then flowing South and then North.


--From Mass at the Altar of Padre Pio / Preaching from the ambo of St. Francis of Assisi / The Shrine of St. Michael / The Churches of St. Peter and Paul and those dedicated to the Blessed Mother / To Mass said at the altar of one of the first Eucharistic Miracles at Lanciano Italy.


-As I elevated the Eucharist / and looked at the beauty of these buildings / I saw the Power of the Eucharist.


-Like the Mustard Seed / The Catholic Church started as a small seed in that upper room / Jesus instituting the Priesthood and the Eucharist / Those magnificent Cathedrals were built from that small seed planted within the hearts of the Apostles and the Disciples / A visible expression of their love for the Lord that they have encountered.


-These Cathedrals made visible (the glory and beauty of God) / Many never saw the completion of these Cathedrals and Shrines because they took years to complete, and they passed away before completion.


-Remember / Like the Mustard Seed / The Spiritual Life in Faith starts small and then grows / While God works quietly within the margins of life.


-I think Sometimes we get so attached to the things of this world / We forget that our Churches all over the world (through Eucharistic Sacrifice) plant seeds to give us the Hope and Faith to live now / With the expectation of the Kingdom to come / And with courage during the times of uncertainty in this world.


-May IOP Give us the faith to place God’s Kingdom first in our lives.

-May our Liturgy(s) (Mass) be celebrated with reverence and beauty, that points us to where we are heading / That for which we hope for / From the small to the grand.


-We live in a world that is in denial of any Kingdom to come / That there is no more to life than material things.


With that said:

-For you golfers – David Duval won 13 PGA Tour tournaments between 1997 and 2001. He won his sole major title at The Open Championship in 2001. What happened to him after his Open victory – From a young age He was told his life would be complete and fulfilled when he won his 1st major. His life fell apart until God showed Him his life had a greater purpose and mission after golf / God planted the seed of Hope and Expectation of a glorious Kingdom and in the now, and a glorious Kingdom to come.


-What our world sorely needs.

-Is this image of the small mustard seed (Church) that has grown so large as to provide protection and shade for His children (you and me) / And give us a faith with Fortitude to endure whatever life throws our way.


Ezekiel gives us:

-The message of a Father that desires to plant a tender shoot on a high mountain so birds of every kind shall dwell protected beneath it - From an insignificant group of Tribes of Israel that is now a large life giving universal Sacramental Church to give us Jesus, His Father and His Spirit / So They can take our littleness and pain, and with Grace, turn it into something majestic by the pure force of Their Love.


-The message that we surrounded and belong to a Father bigger than ourselves is what will give hope back to our youth.


-A friend shared  - That right before her husband’s bodily death he spoke of seeing his parents and told her heaven was beautiful – This couple was very close in this life – I pray his last revelation gives her the hope to move through this current pain of separation to a faith that there is a far greater story and reunion to come / Faith gives us Fortitude and Courage to live.


-There are so many “End of Life Stories” that refute this current denial of God - That “instead point towards the Catholic Maxim


“What flows from God - Shall Return to God.”

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