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"Faith Raising News"

News From Your Project Team

We have a three-man parish team, led by Mr. Jose Cabrera. Mr. Martin Aragona is our General Contractor and is assisted by Mr. Robert Rusch. This team has assumed the responsibility for and have contributed many
personal man-hours to maintain schedule. They would like to share some key milestone events accomplishments to date.


  • Negotiated and purchased this beautiful campus for$486,000. This amount represents a huge savings from its original appraised value. Complete

  • City Planning Board and City Council approved our change of use permit as of 18 October. Complete (A tremendous achievement)

  • Contracted and oversaw Asbestos remediation. Complete

  • Contracted for demolition of walls and ceilings. Complete

  • Engineering will be submitting building plans by mid-November.

  • Currently working on statements of work for electrical, HVAC, and construction of walls.

  • Working on fire suppression plan. (Major Cost driver)

This project team has and will continue to invest the necessary time in the leading and oversite of all required work.


News From Your Faith-Raising Team

Your campaign team has been hard at work, and by now you should have received an information packet from our Pastor. There are three enclosures within the envelope: Fr. Vic's letter, an information Trifold, and a Pledge Agreement. I ask that you prayerfully read all three items, pray over them, and decide to help grow Catholic Education in our area. If you did not receive a mailing, there will be extra packets available at every entrance door. In all cases, we need your prayers!

Our Campaign Goal is $1 million dollars to be used entirely on bringing our new campus properties up to code and achieve a change to our Certificate of Occupancy. To reach this goal the team has established two main Objectives:

one, avoid going into debt and two, pay for invoices as they are presented. We will not be able to achieve those objectives without your help. As such, I would like to think of this effort as not being a Fund-raiser but rather a Faith-raiser.

The Pledge Agreement and your participation are critical, especially given the current economic times. In the following, I attempt to offer some useful information on how to pledge/donate to the Campaign.

For those electing to use the Pledge Paper Agreement - hopefully, it is straight forward but in case not, Ioffer some information. The key is that all information needs to be complete, and the method of donation (check or credit card) provided as well. If check, please make out to Infant of Prague Catholic Church and on the Memo-Line write: IOP Capital Campaign.

If you indicate a desire to use your credit card, fill out the paper form and drop in the collection basket or mail same to the church office. Every Monday our team will gather up the campaign donations and if using a credit card, Iwill personally enter you into the Electronic System (MobileCause- same as the RGH campaign). fI in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact me at either 910-554-4575 or by email at Target 100% Participation

"For those liking an Electronic Path- please scan the QR code provided, and it will take you directly to the GiveSmart Come to Learn Go to Serve pledge page. Please scroll down and fill out all the information germane to you. After completion of your pledge agreement, you will receive a text message acknowledging your donation.

                        That is it for now but I will be providing you updates on a regular basis.

                           "Bobby the Builder"